Woodborer Control

wood-borer-control-250x250-_editedAbout this service:
Like termites, it is equally nuisance pest, which destroys wood. The main sign of infestation is yellowish powder falling from furniture, which  of the organism. Larvae bore the wood and live for years feeding on the wood-creating network of internal tunnels throughout the timber and can reduce it to dust.:

Mode of Treatment:
Pure Chemical is injected in the holes created as result of damage caused by woodborers. The entire infested portion is then sprayed with chemical emulsion and the holes are then plugged with wood wax.

The warranty for Woodborer Control varies for 1 - 2 Years, depending upon site. The warranty stands for 100% woodwork (i.e. Door/Window Shutters, Kitchen Woodwork, Furniture etc.). Any re-infestation of Woodborer during the warranty period is treated without any extra charge.

Check Up Visits
After the initial Major Treatment, our trained technician will visit your premises for a check-up once in year. Necessary treatment will be carried out in case of any re-infestation. You can also call us in case of reappearance of Woodborer during the contract period.

Actual Site Picture

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