Pest-Cure Control Services

Corporate Pest Management
Pests in the Office/working area can result in loss to business & reputation and can cause massive damages to Property & Important files.
  Industrial Pest Management
Residential Pest Management
Pests in the home can be incredible nuisances. It becomes very difficult to get rid of them when children, pets or occupants allergic to chemicals are involved
Pre - Construction Termite Treatment
Direct liquid treatments are applied to the outside, inside and also in the foundation to eliminate the termites completely at Pre Construction sites.
Post - Construction Anti-Termite Treatment
This treatment comprises drilling holes in the junction of floor and wall at ground level, soaking them with the Termiticide
Woodborer Control
Like termites, it is equally nuisance pest, which destroys wood. The main sign of infestation is yellowish powder falling from furniture
Eco Friendly Pest Control
This  technique will not have adverse  effects on the environment. While, your house  would remain free from pests and other harmful and menacing animals, it would not cause a change  in the ecological balance.
Bed Bugs Buster Service
Bed bugs are flat, reddish-brown, oval insects up to 4 to 5 mm long or the size of an apple seed. Swollen and reddish after a blood meal
General Pest Control for Ants
Ants are the most frequent and persistent pest seen around homes & offices.
General Pest Control for Cockroaches
It is highly effective & a safe treatment, used to control for different types of Roaches
General Pest Control for Lizards
Lizards are considered pests even when they actually are creepy cold blooded reptiles.
General Pest Control for Rodents
Rats and mice are among the most widespread and cunning animal pests that invade in houses
General Pest Control for Spider
Spider is one of the most feared pest species for Humans
  General Pest Control for Silver Fish
Silverfish is a small wingless insect. It's a nocturnal insect typically 13–25 mm
Mosquito Control by Fogging
Thermal fogging is generating ultra-fine droplets in a range of 1-50 µm using thermo-pneumatic energy.
Mosquito Control by Wall Coatings / Aerial Spray
Pest-Cure is engaged in providing effective services to control Mosquitoes & other Flying Insects since 2001.
Bird Away Solutions
Bird Spikes, at Pest-Cure are specially designed while using Polycarbonate (With UV Stabilized).
Flies Control
Pest-Cure has unique treatments & products for Flies Management since 2001.
Pest-o-Car (TM)
Pests in Cars and other automotive vehicle are a major problem these days.
  Disinfection Treatment