Glue Traps - Lizards

About this product:

catchmaster_glueboards_400Now you do not require using toxic chemicals for Lizards Control. Pest-Cure’s Glue Traps is a Non Toxic, Eco Friendly product to get rid of Lizards. As we all know, Lizards feed on & are attracted to insects, Glue traps creates an illusion showing insects sitting on the trap. Once Lizards land on the trap it gets stick on it due to high quality, Non Toxic glue. Once Lizard/s is trapped, remove the trap from the premises.


  • Non - Toxic
  • Safe, Easy-To Use, Eco-Friendly
  • Available at your door step
  • Comes with Eco – Friendly disposal


  • Dimensions: 8.5” X  5.25”, (21.59Cm X 13.335)


Direction to use :

  • Peel off the release paper
  • Squeeze trap under baseboard.
  • If no baseboard is available, tear off one edge along the dotted line and stick glue edge of trap against wall.
  • As a covered trap, fold and lock taps, and place against wall.

Directions for Lizards & Insects on Ceiling:

  • Place double faced tape on back of trap.
  • Place trap on ceiling near lighting where insects and lizards are seen.


  • If no pests are caught in 2-3 days in area where board is placed, then it is best to move board to new location where rodents may be hiding. For best result, use several glue board at once

Humane Concerns:

  • Animals may be freed as follows: Release animals approximately one mile from home to prevent re-entry.
  • Check trap daily or when noise is noted. Use heavy duty industrial rubber gloves to remove animals from traps, using vegetable or mineral oil hold trap upside down over a 5 gallon bucket. With a pencil, apply light pressure to animal and release into bucket.

Keep out of reach of children:

  •  Dispose of in a sanitary manner. In case of accidental contact with adhesive, easy clean up with paint thinner on floors. Use ice, vegetable or mineral oils, to humans or animals.