Eco Friendly Pest Control

About this service:

  • Environmentally friendly treatments  аrе аѕ effective  аѕ  conventional methods to get rid from pests.
  • It is a completely safe and perfect for the home,  but also ideally suited for schools or restaurants, hospitals or food outlets.
  • This  technique will not have adverse  effects on the environment. While, your house  would remain free from pests and other harmful and menacing animals, it would not cause a change  in the ecological balance.


  • Eco Friendly Pest Control formula uses a synthesised form of Pyretheum or third generation insecticides which work on the insects’ nervous system, with no harm to humans or warm     blooded mammals and no harm to the environment or eco system.
  • Eco Friendly Pest Control is odourless, so there is no need to  vacate the area to be treated, thus  saving businesses such as hotels, restaurants, bars, bakeries etc loss of money and man     hours. 
  • Eco Friendly Pest Control is stain free so no worries about  destroying expensive fabrics or bedding. 
  • Eco Friendly Pest Control is totally Non-Toxic and completely harmless to humans and warm blooded mammals.
  • Eco Friendly Pest Control kills only what you need it to kill 100% effectively and continues to work silently and safely, protecting your home and family.

Services Available:

Eco Friendly Chemical Spray :-
Pest Cure Inc. uses new generation insecticide, which are Odorless, Highly Active and Broad-Spectrum with Quick-Knock Down effect. This treatment is applied to all affected area i.e. Stores / Lockers / Toilets etc. The application will be directed to the harborages and surfaces frequented by pests.
Pest Cure Inc. uses insecticide spray of Eco- friendly chemicals of Bayer India Ltd. & other Branded Chemicals to control all Crawling Insects like Cockroaches , Spiders, Ants, Bed Bugs, & more.     

Gel Treatment :-
Gel Treatment is based on the new generation chemical which is highly effective & eco-friendly and used for different types of roaches control with single feeding effect. Once the treatment is applied, its effect will last up to 2 months or until the bait is consumed or destroyed. The application will be directed to the harborages and in the area where water is not used on regular basis. It is not volatile, therefore there are not airborne active ingredients (a.i.) released.

Eco Friendly Pest Control (For eco friendly pest control, eco pest control)

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