Residential Pest Management

melon_fruit_fly-logo_400About this service:
Pests in the home can be incredible nuisances. It becomes very difficult to get rid of them when children, pets or occupants allergic to chemicals are involved.

Pest Cure Inc. can offer you Eco Friendly solutions for your home which is safe & effective at the same time. Best features of the service/s are:

  • No Smell during/after the treatment
  • No need to vacate kitchen utensils or any other cabinet
  • Leaving your premises after the treatment is NOT required
  • Eco friendly pest control solutions are safe for children, old age or anybody present at the site
  • Chemicals used are certified by WHO (World Health Organization)
  • Maintain harmony with environment

What we do for you:

  • Inspect thoroughly to identify the pest and the source of infestation
  • Respond promptly with customized treatment and prevention recommendations
  • Send a highly trained Service Technician
  • Provide four step Pest Management service (Deny entry, Deny food, Deny shelter & Destroy Pest)
  • No extra charges, for any additional visit, due to reoccurrence of any pest
  • Guaranteed results

Services Available:

Do it yourself Products Available :

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