DIY Rat Repellent

About The Product:

vetoratCommonly found species of Rats are : House Rats, Norway Rat, House Mouse, Indian Mole Rat and Large Bandicoot Rat.
Though of different species & sizes, all Rats have a similar tendency to repel a particular fragrance.

After much R&D & efforts put together our team invented a special product to Repel Rats. A special Herbal based formula  is created for Rat repellency . Some features of the product are :

  • Does Not Kill Rats
  • Leaves No Fumes / Foul Smell
  • 100% Herbal : Safe for Kids / Humans / Pets
  • Longer Effectivity : 3-4 months
Area Covered:
Approx. 100 sq. ft. will be Rat Free once a single unit of Veto Rat Repellent is installed.
Activation Period:

Rats have a unique triangular smell sensor on their nose, they always follow the smell. The unique herbal extracts create an irritation in their nose. The effect of Veto Rat Repellent will be visible in 8-9 days from the day of installation.

Considering the solution is Herbal repellent, it will show results upto 90% in first 15 days and complete relief in next 21 days.

Installation Method:

Just place the container in Rat infected area / room. You only need to open the cap of the container and the repellent will start working.

Please Note: Veto Rat is Not Suitable for Open Premises / Terrace or Outside Area.

Effectivity Period:

Depending on the air-flow, the effect of repellence will last up to 4-6 months.

Ingredients :

Ancient pest repellent formula of "Margosa Kernal” with “Clove Oil” & “Besil Leaf Oil" is used in our "Veto Rat". Herbal extracts which have unique property to repel all species of Rats are mixed with gel formulation.