Catch A Roach

About this product:

Catch-A-Roach is a key solution for infested area to eliminate cockroaches and derive satisfactory results. It is a solution which gets rid of hundreds of roaches at one time, from adult to tiny baby roaches. And, you can make it in your home in about ten minutes.
It consists of special insect glue and a food bait for roaches. It works by attracting, then trapping cockroaches. Catch-A-Roach is the safest and cleanest way ever to eliminate cockroaches without chemicals or poisons!

  • Glue-Based Cockroach trap 
  • Safe, Easy-To Use, Eco-Friendly
  • Available at your door step
  • Comes with Eco – Friendly disposal
  • Safecatch-a-roach
  • Non – Toxic
  • Effective
  • Convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Eco – Friendly
  • Long – Lasting
Direction to use:
  • All you have to do is open a Glue trap and place where you see Cockroaches at night. The scurrying Pest walks right onto the trap and before it realizes, it’s stuck for life.
  • The trap can then be easily disposed off. In case Cockroaches / Roaches were not in the area, and hence not caught, you can remove the Glue Trap from there and try again at other location.

Product details:

  • Regular and Economy size
Tried and tested products:
  • These Glue Traps have been tested under diverse climatic conditions. The special glue lasts for many years and it can function at temperature ranging from 0-degree to 45-degree C.
  • Proper Storage
  • Away from excess moisture and extreme heat
  • Should be kept away from children and pets.
  • Should the Glue stick to hand or other object/s, apply vegetable oil and wash with mild detergent and water.
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