Bird Gel

Bird Away Gel:

bird_away_gelBird Away Gel can be applied on all surfaces like beams, girders, grills, meshes, supports & other places where birds can sit & roost. At Pest-Cure, we have trained & specialized applicators to apply Bird Away Gel at required surfaces.However, if you wish you buy ‘Do It Yourself’ product, then we have ‘Bird Away Spray’ for you :

Method of Application of ‘Bird Away Spray’ :

  • Spray the product on surfaces by pressing the knob
  • Hold the nozzle tip 15cms from the surface till the point of runoff
  • Cover all areas thoroughly from one end to the other without leaving any gaps
  • Spray in such a manner that the top surface of the beams / grills etc get covered

Precautions while using ‘Bird Away Spray’ :

  • Wear disposable gloves & goggles when using the product.
  • Do not apply the product in rainy or damp weather
  • Take care of wind or air drift so as to avoid the spray drift

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