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Do you believe that life is an exciting journey, a continuous search to become better, soar higher and achieve more? Do you believe that there are no full stops to advancements?

Ask anyone at Pest Cure Inc. and we will tell you what we have found here. We provide challenges, opportunity and a great career.

Your career is like a journey. When you look over your shoulder you can see where you have been. However, where you are going may be less clear or well defined! Your future is in front of you, and your success and happiness will be strongly influenced by the quality of the career decisions you make. However, if you understand who you are and what you want, you have a greater chance of fulfillment - a better chance of achieving the goals that are important to you.

At Pest Cure Inc. we want to create an environment where you are challenged and feel excited about doing real business. You will bring your passion to Pest Cure Inc. and in return we will help you to perform to the best of your ability.

Our Core values are summed up in the Pest Cure spirit that defines the qualities we expect all our employees to embrace -

  1. Honesty - We Respect
  2. Entrepreneurship -  We Act
  3. Responsibility - We Care
  4. Quality -  We deliver

We are an equal opportunity employer employing people from diverse backgrounds while providing them an equal opportunity to grow and develop within the organization.



Our career principles, are simple, we want our employees to:

  1. Be proactive and responsible for their career
  2. Be self aware and honest with themselves about strengths and weaknesses
  3. Be driven by both ambition and a sound grasp of reality

Personal and organizational growth goes hand in hand. Pest Cure Inc. is committed to creating a culture that gives you the space to explore and fulfill your potential. A place, where you can express yourself freely, learn from the best and make a real impact.

The Learning & Development includes an Induction Program that covers skills training, product training and work practices for the new recruits. Other training programs focus on personal, leadership and skills development suited to the individual's function.

We not only emphasize on achieving organizational goals but also provide opportunities for on the job development. The key principle of training is to collaborate with business to foster an integrated learning and performance culture. We believe in continuously developing internal expertise by developing identified trainer's expertise and professionalism to add value to business initiatives

At Pest Cure Inc. we value people and if you are a young, talented individual who enjoys challenges, has a passion to excel and wish to be a part of the Pest Cure experience, you may apply for the following open positions with us.

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